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Color Pencil House Drawings  

Of the numerous mediums available, color pencil house drawings stand out above the rest.

Color pencil house drawings, whether drawn in perspective or straight on, represent a home's good looks in a pleasing format. Details, such as stucco or brick, show up in an identifiable manner and can be drawn to match the original color.

When creating color pencil house drawings careful attention should be paid to the rules of perspective. Following the proper vanishing points, and making sure door and window lines follow suit, will create a realistic yet artistic, rendering of the home.

The color pencils should be of a high quality, and colors should closely match and compliment the homes exterior. Close attention should be paid to landscape details with an eye for proper placement of shadow and light.

Roofing materials should be shown in detail in a manner that compliments their appearance and emphasizes their importance as a decorative part of a home. Windows and doors in color pencil house drawings take on a look that shows their best perspective and should appear as more than just filler.

Color pencil house drawings are more than just a picture of your home. They are a work of art, worthy of display, and an heirloom to pass on to future generations.

The natural texture and colors of color pencil house drawings create a special look that totally exceeds other methods of capturing an image. A soft, but striking view, that shows a home as it has never been seen before.

The architectural aspects of color pencil house drawings show up well while not detracting from the drawings as works of art. Oil and other paints, while an excellent medium for many projects, seem to cause a distraction when used instead of color pencil house drawings.

There is a sort of timeless aspect to color pencil house drawings that sets them apart from the rest. Capturing landscape and trees and shrubbery is where color pencil house drawings really excel. The detail of leaves and grass, not to mention light and shadows, lends itself naturally to color pencil house drawings.

To capture the beauty of a home in a format that will endure through time color pencil house drawings exceed expectations. The realistic rendering of the home, and the warm feeling of the medium, make color pencil house drawings the logical choice.

It is always a pleasant experience when viewing color pencil house drawings. They are an excellent medium and will increase in value over time.

Color pencil house drawings are not only a good way to preserve the image of your current home they also make a great keepsake and remembrance of past residences.

A wonderful surprise for a friend or relative would be to present them with a gift of color pencil house drawings of their cherished childhood home or current residence.

Color pencil house drawings on display at an open house will show prospective buyers how unique a home really is. Knowing a drawing will be presented to them upon purchase of the home can only help with the prospect of
a sale.