Notecard Housewarming Gift

Notecards for housewarming gift by Jeanna

House Portrait Pencil...Watercolor Paintings... Colored Pencil Drawings...Notecards Housewarming gifts

Note cards with your client’s home represented as a pencil sketch, color drawing or watercolor also make a unique real estate closing gift or housewarming gifts. Your clients will receive great responses from family and friends when using these home portrait note cards. Your name and contact information can be discretely added to the back of these note cards, reminding everyone of where this unique housewarming gifts came from.



housewarming gift of notecards





 Notecards come in packs of 15 and are 5" x 7" in landscape format


15 Notecards

      with home protrait pencil sketch = $ 30

      with home protrait color drawing =$ 35

      with home portrait watercolor painting = $ 45                                    


Includes 20 matching envelopes

Free contact information on back

Free shipping in U.S









Housewarming Gift Etiquette


Buying a new place to live is always a stressful but exciting experience, whether you're new to the market or have practiced it a hundred times. When the time comes to move in, it's always nice to invite friends and family to make the atmosphere more comfortable, while also branding the move "official." And if you're looking to have a housewarming party with little or no hurt feelings and drama, there are certain rules of etiquette that both guests and homeowners should follow. This is especially important when it comes to the subject of a housewarming gift.

When the invitations are sent out, the person putting together the party should not mention that guests can give a housewarming gift, nor should they provide a link to a site where a housewarming gift could be bought. Believe it or not, this may be considered bad-mannered, and it's not the kind of message you want to send; only mention housewarming gift ideas if approached, and never make anyone feel obligated. If they feel they can't show up without a housewarming gift, but don't have the time or money to get a housewarming gift, they may not come. Don't forget to send the invitations out at least a few weeks in advance, so that people will be able to make sure their schedule is clear.

If you are approached with a housewarming gift at the party, it is imperative that you not open them in front of all of the guests. Why? For one thing, anybody who didn't get you a housewarming gift will feel uncomfortable, perhaps even foolish. And again, you don't want hurt feelings or drama, so open them at a later time. When you do open your housewarming gifts, be sure to note who gave you what, and send each and every person a housewarming gift thank you note in the mail.

For the guests attending the housewarming party, choose a housewarming gift that can be applied to the friend or family member's new life. A video game or CD is all well and good, but just how is it beneficial to helping them rearrange their new home? If you're unsure about the right housewarming gift, approach the party giver and ask them what they'd like or would probably need. Keep in mind that nobody expects you to spend a ton of money, and they certainly wouldn't think less of you if you didn't, either.

If you want to get them housewarming gift that they can really cherish, consider a home portrait. Getting them a penciled home sketching of where they are now living is a great way to give them a housewarming gift to remember, especially if they ever move again someday and want to remember what their old home looked like. They will be truly impressed, that's for certain