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Pencil Drawings of Houses by Jeanna 

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 Present your clients with a real estate closing gift they will not forget. An elegant housewarming gift of a photo of their home represented in a classic black and white pencil sketch, rendered by an artist from a home photo into a realistic property portrait pencil drawing. Their pride in their new home will have them displaying this handsomely matted piece for all their friends and family to see. A personal note from you can be discretely added right to the home drawing to remind them who thehardworking realtor was who found them their dream home! 


 pencil drawings house portrait


8" x 10" Pencil Drawing = $ 65

11" x 14" Pencil Drawing = $ 85

Add animal = $ 15.00                                          

Change of Seasons = $ 20.00

Add Text = $4

Mounted in a black art mat included

Shipping included



Pencil Drawings Make Great Gifts 

 Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just a way of showing that you are thinking about someone, sometimes it can be rather difficult to come up with unique gift ideas, especially on a budget. There is nothing like giving a unique gift to that special someone, and there is nothing more unique than a one of a kind pencil drawing.

What are pencil drawings?
Pencil drawings are simply drawings hand crafted by an artist in pencil that are duplicated from photos. Although any photo can be used, house pencil drawings are extremely popular. These make such great and distinctive gifts and can be given at almost any occasion.

Why do pencil drawings make good gifts?
No matter what the occasion, unique art always makes a great gift, and pencil drawings are no exception. Another great thing about pencil drawings is that they are very affordable for everyone. If you were to purchase a unique custom crafted painting, you would probably spend several hundred dollars. However, you can purchase an equally distinctive and quality gift as a pencil drawing for a much more affordable price. In today’s economy, that’s good news for anyone who is searching for high quality unique gifts on a budget. Pencil drawings also make great gifts because they match everyone’s décor. How many times have you wanted to purchase something for someone’s home, but felt unsure what to purchase because of the décor? Since you already know that the person has a special connection to the house being drawn, you know that they will love the drawing. In addition, a pencil drawing done only in pencil will match any décor and any color, even if the person decides to paint the walls or otherwise change the color scheme.

When do pencil drawings make good gifts?
Another great thing about pencil drawings is that they make great gifts for virtually any occasion. There are several reasons that a house, barn, or other building could be special or sentimental to someone. Maybe it is the house that your father was born in, or maybe the house that you grew up in. Perhaps it is a barn on your grandparents farm that you remember playing hide and seek in as a kid. It could be the church that you were married in, or maybe your great grandfather’s house that was destroyed during the war. Whatever the memory that is attached to the house, a pencil drawing would no doubt bring that building to life again and fill your walls with happy memories. Or maybe the pencil drawing you would like is of a house that doesn’t yet have memories attached to it. Maybe you are a real estate agent looking for a special gift for your clients. What better than a house pencil drawing of the home that they have just purchased. Or maybe your not involved in real estate, but perhaps your daughter and her husband have just bought their first home. A pencil drawing would make a great housewarming gift.