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 Housewarming gift of a house portrait done in watercolor.

Housewarming gift of a house portrait done in colored pencil

Why a House Portraits Make Great Housewarming Gifts


When a person takes residence in a new home, it is customary for the new home-owner to throw a house-warming party as a means to show the house to his relatives and friends. These informal parties typically include a tour of the home as well as socializing over appetizers and drinks.

Guests may be asked not to bring a gift to a house-warming party, but on the occasion that the invitation gives no mention of such a request, it is entirely acceptable to offer a gift to the hostess. In the past, housewarming gifts of bluebirds were often given as a sign of blessing over the household. However, in modern times, guests may bring any number of housewarming gifts including food and drink for the party, plants, dishes, books, or anything else the hostess may find useful and enjoyable.

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Pencil House Portrait Housewarming Gifts

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As we are speaking specifically of house portraits as a housewarming gifts, let us review some background. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was quite common for homes to have house portraits within for there were no cameras to capture the essence of the grounds. The house portrait, like each family portrait, was a treasured family-heirloom. Guests who toured popular homes would enjoy seeing the masterfully painted house portraits. In later years, these portraits would serve as genealogical and property records for homes that were sold or demolished.  

In modern times, we certainly are not in need of house portraits for any practical purposes. The invention of digital photographs has diminished this need entirely. However, that is not to say that a house portraits would not be a treasured housewarming gifts. On the contrary, the uniqueness of these types of housewarming gifts would make them cherished just as they would have been in the old days. A house portrait, whether sketched or painted, is a special possession for any family who wants to admire their house inside and into the future if they should ever leave their new home.

House portrais are great housewarming gifts because they requires time and effort on the part of the guest. It is not as simple for the guest to obtain a well-made house portrait as it would be to head to the local home store and buy a potted plant. The guest must obtain photographs of the hostess' new home and find an artist who can complete the portrait. Presenting a house portraits as housewarming gifts shows care and generosity on the part of the guest. What hostess could refuse?

House portraits bring back the past in an elegant yet modern way. They are neither too old or too formal for any modern home. In fact, a wall adorned with a house portrait could look regal and polished and become a place where many house guests will pause for more than a moment.

If you are attending a house-warming party in the future, you may consider bringing a house portrait as a gift. Leave the potted plants and picture frames to underachieving guests and instead, be the one who brings the gift that will be cherished for generations.