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Watercolor Paintings  

Watercolor paint is paint that is made with pigment mixed with a binder to hold the paint to the painting surface. Watercolor paintings are paintings created with watercolor paints.

Watercolor paintings date back to the days of the cavemen. They put pictures on cave walls using sticks, bones or fingers to apply pigment mixed with water. Water-based paints were used in ancient Egypt on temple walls and tomb walls. Japanese and Chinese artists painted landscapes on silk. European monks made illuminated manuscripts during the Middle Ages. Drawing became more common after paper became easier to obtain during the 14th century. The Royal Academy in London was founded in 1768. Artists who used watercolor were encouraged to use their talents to create watercolor paintings. Special paper for watercolor paintings was created in the 1780’s. In 1846 watercolors became available in metal tubes.

The basic supplies for creating watercolor paintings are paints, brushes and paper. These supplies can be purchased at art stores, craft stores or discount stores. Paints are available in tubes or pans. The paint in the individual tubes has a consistency that is similar to toothpaste. The pans are open containers that have dried cakes of paint. The paint in pans needs to be wet before it can be used. Brushes used for watercolor paintings are made out of fiber or animal hair. The hair is natural or synthetic. Brushes with natural hair are more expensive. Paper for watercolor paintings has been specially treated to be less absorbent. The paper is available in different textures and sizes. It may have a smooth or rough texture. Paint dries more quickly on paper with a smooth surface. Sizes range from 19” by 24” to 40” by 60”. These supplies have a wide price range. A children’s watercolor set and a pad of paper can be bought for a few dollars at discount stores. The same supplies for a professional artist could cost hundreds of dollars.

Learning Watercolor Painting
Classes in creating watercolor paintings are available in many different places. Classes are taught at colleges, community centers, artists’ studios and craft stores. Books that give instructions on watercolor paintings are sold. Prices for classes vary. Free lessons on how to create watercolor paintings are available online.

Two of the techniques used in watercolor paintings are wet in wet and dry brush. Wet in wet involves applying paint to paper that is already wet. This technique makes colors look soft. Dry brush is the process of using a brush with pigment and only a little water. The brush is applied to dry paper. Using the dry brush technique gives color a crisp look.

Famous Watercolor Paintings
Examples of famous watercolor paintings by well known artists can be seen in museums, in books and online.

Benefits of Watercolor Painting
Creating watercolor paintings can be an inexpensive hobby. Basic materials can be obtained cheaply. Lessons are available for little or no cost. Painting watercolor paintings can provide many hours of pleasure