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Watercolor Paintings of Houses by Jeanna

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Watercolor Paintings

No matter what the eventwhether a retirement party, a housewarming, or a simple expression of gratitudea beautiful watercolor paintings capture your feelings in vivid, unforgettable detail. The incredible watercolor paintings technique in each painting will make a long-lasting impression on whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Timeless, lovely, and easy to display,  watercolor paintings brightens up any room and makes for a wonderful conversation piece. The exquisite craft and style realized in each painting is a portrait not only of the artist’s imagination, but your particular sensibility. With a watercolor paintings, you can give a gift that people will cherish for years. 


watercolor paintings 




 8" x 10" Watercolor Painting = $ 75


11" x 14" Watercolor Painting = $ 95


Add an animal = $ 15.00


Change in seasons = $ 20.00


Mounted in black art mat included


Shipping included





Watercolor Paintings of Houses - Real estate closing gifts


Realtors stand out from your competition, with the unique but affordable closing gift of a home portrait artistically expressed in watercolor paintings. Your clients will always remember you and your help finding them the perfect house through this wonderful housewarming gift. A small personal handwritten note can be discretely added to the bottom of the home portrait to help them always remember who helped them buy their dream home.




Techniques used to create watercolor paintings.  


Watercolor paintings can be created using several techniques. Wash technique, glazing, wet in wet and dry brush are several techniques that have been used throughout the ages to create stunning watercolor paintings. These are the basic methods of applying watercolor paint to paper which are used in watercolor paintings.


The wash technique is the application of very diluted wet paint applied to paper, usually to block in large areas of color in watercolor paintings. This wash technique will not show any brush strokes, but just be a light wash of color in varying grades of opacity. It is also know as a flat wash, because the paper is laid flat to stop the wash from running down the paper.


The glazing process used in watercolor paintings is the application of varying opacity of paints that are applied over a layer of paint that has already dried. The added layer is transparent enough to allow the under layer to show through. This is a very popular technique to give depth and dimension to watercolor paintings. It is used to mix two colors, to adjust color or to achieve a color transition from light to dark.


Applying paint to a surface that is either wet with water or with a watercolor wash that has not dried is called the wet in wet technique. This method is used to block in color, or create variations in color saturation in watercolor paintings. Wet in wet is commonly used to create backgrounds and skies.


Dry brush is the name given to the technique of using a slightly wet watercolor brush and picking up undiluted pigment to apply to fairly dry paper. This watercolor painting technique results in sharp and very saturated colors. It is wonderful to use in watercolor paintings to highlight areas you want to draw attention to and for adding detail to watercolor paintings.


These are the basic techniques used to create watercolor paintings and which distinguish watercolor paintings from other media. These techniques are commonly used for watercolor paintings of landscapes, botanicals, portraits and still lives.